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Do you remember your first Festival? Was there amazing music from your favorite local band playing close by and a plethora of deliciously diverse local food vendors creating mouth watering creations that you were willing to stand in crazy lines for and miss your favorite song? Did you purchase treasures from local artisans selling one of a kind, hand made creations you would never find at your local mall on any other day of the week? Holy Mo’s Local Vending makes planning local community and private events less stressful for event planners and profitable for local small vendors. Holy Mo’s Local Vending helps create good vibes and lasting memories that will never be forgotten for families and friends in local communities.


Mobile Food Vendors, Cottage Food or MEHKO cooks, and Caterers are local culinary artists, who support farmers by featuring their local produce and meat. Families and Loved Ones are the reason we work as hard as we do, so when it comes time to gather for a special event or to appreciate work colleagues, let Holy Mo’s Local Vending facilitate with the planning and scheduling of your event’s festivities!


From Farmers Markets to specialized Artesian Events, shoppers enjoy freshly made food with their loved ones, listen to great local musicians, pick their own fresh locally grown produce, and meet makers of local, natural, cruelty-free products. You can help our local small businesses in protecting the environment by bringing your own reusable shopping bags. Bringing your own bags also helps the environment by reducing or eliminating packaging. Bring a bag, bring the good vibes, bring home one-of-a-kind goods and help restore our local community’s environment.


Some vendors are Cottage Food or MEHKO cooks, who feature their delicious baked and prepackaged goods. These food artisans feature foods from diverse cultures which help cultivate, educate, and grow our local community in ethical and creative ways while improving our local economic sustainability.

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