Create Stronger Communities by Hiring Local Vendors at Local Events!


Thank you for connecting with Holy Mo´s Local Vending. Our intention is to promote and spotlight local vendors in their County for local City, County events, as well as Private Event Planners. Local businesses like vendors, caterers, cottage foods and MEHKO cooks are the foundation of our city’s economy. Your businesses provide unique local foods, create local jobs and bring local connections to your community. YOU improve our local economic sustainability.

There are three membership options to be featured on the Holy Mo’s Local vending site per your County of origin with all of your contact information, option to upload menus, preferred pictures, web address, and social media links. 

All memberships will automatically renew at the end of it’s billing cycle. If you wish to not renew, please email Christina at at least 2 weeks before the next payment is due so that we can cancel the billing cycle in a timely and efficient manner. There is no charge to set up, suspend or cancel membership agreements.

For your convenience, you can set up monthly billing at $48.99 per month to be charged on the same day of every month or pay for the year up front. Yearly subscription comes to $527.88 ($43.99 per month), a savings of $60.00!

Payment Options

*Click on the Subscribe button to proceed to payment.*

If your business is seasonal, you can opt to pay for 6 months at a time, a 6 Month Subscription is $275.94 ($45.99 per month), a savings of $18.00!

*Click on the Subscribe button to proceed to payment.*

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